Elegant, timeless, handmade jewelry


I am a Russian born jewelry designer based out of Los Angeles. I have honed my craft through the past 25 years in the United States, Russia and throughout Europe, completing seed pearl jewelry restoration projects for Sotheby’s, Christie’s, numerous antique jewelry stores worldwide, as well as private estates. Having fallen in love with the artistry and detail of many of the pieces I came across through the years, it was only natural to embark on creating my own line. I wanted to create something vibrant and unique yet elegant and classic. My pieces have an Art Deco spirit woven alongside 18th & 19th century techniques, creating a sophisticated interpretation of traditional Russian style.

My most popular collection are my sautoir tassels influenced by houses like Chaumet and Cartier during the 20's and 30's. The feminist spirit and style of that era is inspiring, and it has led me to create modern, clean, and sophisticated pieces for women of today. In addition, I create pieces using antique and heirloom brooches as centerpieces to necklaces and bracelets.  Re-imagining these antique estate pieces, brings new life to jewelry that may have not been worn for years, but saved for sentimental value. Reviving antique jewelry while still emphasizing the original design is very gratifying.

I use delicate pearls as well as vibrant stones in creating my pieces. Not only is the quality of the gems important but the intricate workmanship is an essential element in all my designs. I create each piece by hand.